Yurt Near Completion

Catching up on some blogging here, I'm posting the pics of the other week's work. In eight days, we built the structural components of this yurt, washed the coverings, and invented, built and dug the footings... We're all feeling very proud of the achievements so far, and the summer is only just beginning!!


sawing 1x4 to the right length

drilling holes in 1x4
lining of the holes for the bolts

great bolt shot, with rough hewn cedar

getting the lattice wall upright and into place was
a bit of a puzzle and struggle

"... Back in Nam..."

almost there...

closer.. closer...

The Little Yurt That Could.

Getting the roof up

Chainsaw Art

Many versions of this ring were tried,
including an old car tire rim!
But this balanced the best.

Great view for Perma-campers!
Awesome times, gettin' er done.
Ta-freakin'-Da people!
8 Day Yurt!

Lots of room for an exceptional deck... later.

Still having some ambition to burn,
I dragged a giant stump fifteen meters to the fire I started with
a gasoline soaked blanket. Yup. Burning slash & crap wood.
Getting the coverings in place.
So it's no palace yet, to be certain. The coverings are hanging to dry here
 after we washed them. The 'Murt,' (Men's Yurt) will soon be decked
with Foos-ball and death metal posters.

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